Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Enter A Chaotic Week, Stage Right

Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy.  ~Anon 

Last week was in a word: absolutely crazy with a little bit of chaos and a lot stress on the side.  Yeah, that is more than one word, isn't it?  

It all started with Hubby not feeling well on Tuesday.  He decided to just rest up because he hadn't been sleeping well anyway so we took it easy during the day and raked up some leaves later that evening.  On Wednesday, he wasn't feeling all that great, but had to get back into work.  We both did a bunny workout and he took a shower after he had 2 big glasses of OJ.  I was preoccupied with getting the kids (and myself) fed and didn't really notice how slow he was moving as he was getting dressed.  He went out to the car and as I was putting dishes away, I realized that the car was not leaving the garage.

Hubby came back in and said he didn't feel well at all and proceeded to sit down.  I took a good look at him and told him he looked a little pale.  The kids were eating and I was looking up the nearest urgent clinic and he started talking about how he didn't feel well.  He said his back was aching but that the pain was moving around to his abdomen and listed a couple more things that made us think: kidney stones.   

As the morning progressed he looked paler and paler.  I told him that I was going to take him to the ER.  After dropping the kids off at Mom's (THANK YOU, MOM!), I took him to the hospital.  It was early enough and they weren't busy, yet, so we got admitted straight away.  The initial RN opined that he agreed with our diagnosis of kidney stones, but that the doctor would be in to see us.  Enter the ER doc, stage left.  Exit hubby, stage right to get a CT scan on his kidneys.  Re-enter hubby stage right, re-exit hubby stage left for a chest X-ray.  Chest X-ray???  What was going on here???

In the midst of the entering and exiting, my dad came in also.  He had just finished up with his exercise related to his bypass surgery last month.  We both wondered aloud what the deal was.  

Enter hubby again back from his chest x-ray.  They told him they were looking for pneumonia. Huh???  He had abdominal pain... not ... well, whatever.  I never went to med school so I'll just keep my mouth shut.  

Re-enter ER doc.  He looked at Hubby, at me, at Dad, back to hubby.  Then said, "Well, gotta tell you.  You're pretty screwed up.  You've got some problems."  Whatever happened to bedside manner???????  He went on to explain that Hubby's blood sugar was 657.  He might as well have told me that Hubby had condition called WJEKRIKLHLJLAJEK.  I asked him what normal blood sugar was and he said, "70-100."  Now we're getting somewhere.  But nowhere good.

He also said that Hubby had a severe kidney infection and that we were going to need to stay for a while to get some things figured out.  SO, for the next three days, we stayed in the hospital and they gave him insulin and antibiotics and more antibiotics and more insulin.  We both slept in the tiny hospital bed and waited for someone to tell us something concrete.  We were told that he had had a massive kidney infection and some blockage.  That caused his blood sugar to elevate.  OR, his blood sugar had started to elevate and that caused the kidney infection.  And he MAY or MAY NOT be diabetic, either type 1 or type 2.  

The only things we knew for sure when we left on Friday night was that his blood sugar was still high and he was going to be on insulin for a little while and a couple antibiotics to clear up the infection AND that I had contracted a nasty little 24-hour stomach virus the second day we were there so my expulsions from both ends had nothing to do with morning sickness.  I'm feeling much better now.

Anyway, Hubby and I really don't have that bad of a diet.  The only real bad habit Hubby had is soda.  Other than that, we eat probably better than most on the budget we have.  Believe me, if we could afford organic, I'd buy it.  We're monitoring his sugar and his diet.  We have reduced the carbs and his sugar is going down, but still at least 80 points above normal.  We're hoping that we can get all this under control but until his infection is completely gone, we're not sure where that's going to leave his blood sugar.  Hopefully a follow up next week with the GP will clear some things up.

I'm very proud of Hubby and his determination to take care of himself and beat whatever this is.  He has told me several times that he'll do whatever it takes and I know he will.  And I'll do whatever I can to help him.

I say all that to say, if you haven't had a physical, what are you waiting for??????

As far as me and #3, we're doing okay.  TIRED is a word that comes to mind.  My belly is also getting large but nothing else is, thankfully.  I just can't believe I'm only 8 weeks and my belly looks like it's at the 4 month mark.  BOOBS is another word that comes to mind.  I think I have gained 2 cup sizes in the past 2 weeks  Had I been prepared with the proper undergarments,  I would be overjoyed, but the chaos of the week before left me no time for bra shopping and I feel like, well, this phrase just popped into my head: She looked as if she had been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say "when."  ~P.G. Wodehouse

 I'll keep you posted on Hubby's progress and how we are dealing with all the new changes.  Any diabetic recipes would be greatly appreciated. 


  1. so very thankful Ryan is doing good! it was a scary few days, for sure! and 8 weeks!!! the new little bitty is coming right along. rest up when you can and remember granddad and i are here if you need us! love you lots!!

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