Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Get a Passenger on my Journey

You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.  ~Dave Barry, "Things That It Took Me 50 Years to Learn"

Well, I've been trying to avoid bread but I just found out there's a bun in the oven!  Hubby and I are very excited and so are grandparents.  It's very early.  5 weeks early.  Even though I have no reason to think this pregnancy will be anything but ordinary, I am 35 and just a little nervous.  My doc told me that I was perfect  to make babies at my last visit so that is some comfort though.

Now it's time to shift my focus - but only slightly.  Now more than ever nutrition is essential!  I must maintain a good weight.  I can't and won't let myself gain 65 or 75 pounds like my last 2 pregnancies.  I can't afford that at all.  But I won't sacrifice Baby's health by restricting calories either.  So, here's the deal....

We'll continue to learn about nutrition together and make the right choices, knocked up or not.  I'm going to continue to exercise but a little bit lower impact and I'll stay with the 3 pound weights.  I'm going to put a tracker with my weight gain and how far until D-Day.  Right now I'm at 138 and it's 243 days till the baby makes a grand entrance.

I would definitely appreciate any words of wisdom from mommies who have actually kept their weight in check during pregnancy and from those mommies over 35.  Thanks for your prayers and support!!!! 


  1. I love your quote. I have made the mistake of saying something about being pregnant and I will never never never ever do that again... :)
    Good luck with your pregnancy. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine!

  2. What I meant was saying something to someone else about them being pregnant. I need to proof read before posting!